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Samereier Reducing Sleeves

(registered trademark)

The inside ballistic correct way for reduced loads!

The reduced cartridge cases are turned from solid brass material on high-quality machine tools, whereby dimensional accuracy and shot performance meet the highest demands. The reduced cartridge cases have a reduced powder space, which is optimally dimensioned for loads with reduced output and ensures the burning behavior of the powder evenly. The cases are manufactured to the maximum according to CIP. In the case of smaller (undersized) chamber, the neck of the case may have to be turned smaller.

The cases are almost indestructible if you take two things into account. At first, the cases should not be overloaded, otherwise the massive body will be deformed. And secondly, after five shots each time, the cases should be warmed (do not glow) with a -soft- gas flame for about five seconds so that the elasticity is retained.

Please only calibrate the shot cases (note calibration dimension). Not internal calibres! Remove the primer with the appropriate pin. If necessary, press the sleeve shoulder a little with the setting die of the next higher caliber group with the same shoulder angle.

Shooting in / charge determination: Load a few reduced cartridge cases according to the loading information and shoot with them. Usually, one of the suggested laborations will fit.

Here is the principle!
5.6 x 50R and .30 - 06 each factory and reducing sleeve in the sectional view.
Powder space like .22 Hornet at 5.6 x 50R
Powder space like .30 carbin at .30 - 06
Power can be varied depending on the load, see loading table

Shot image with 5.6 x 50R RED - sleeves 2.9 g Tlm Sierra 7,7grs N110