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Quick-Load Ballistik-Software

The German-language ballistics program calculates the properties of your laboratory by simulating your preferred reloading components.
To do this, it uses an internal ballistic calculation model, in contrast to other programs, which stage and display collected and stored measured values.

Simply enter the data of your desired load: The program calculates gas pressure and V0, checks how a gradual change in the load has an effect and tries to determine your optimal load by testing all available powders taking into account the desired gas pressure and / or loading density. The program considerably reduces the effort required to find the right laboratory equipment, since you can now achieve your goal with fewer trial laboratories.

Various additional functions such as Recoil calculation, force effects on ZF assemblies, comparative representations with a measured gas pressure curve or a transfer of all calculated tables to MS Exel for further processing are possible. It is essential for wildcats and ammunition for which loading tables are not available.

The scope of delivery includes the Quick-TARGET external ballistics program, which performs all external ballistic calculations taking into account environmental influences, weapons and ammunition data as well as the use of up to 5 different BC`s. Airway data, GEE / point blank range, canting, stopping point, sight clicks / MOA, lead dimension, wind drift etc. can be calculated up to 2000 m and shown in tabular or graphical form. Additional functions such as Back calculation of ballistic data from ballistic tables or measured values ​​are included.

There are already over 330 calibers and over 70 common types of powder stored, as well as the BC's of over 1,600 common storeys that can be selected by manufacturer. You can expand the database of bullets and calibers at any time. Entries can be made in either metric or English units. A calculator for converting numerous physical units is built in. The program can be switched to English.