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Samereier recuced cartridge cases

It is not easy to find an approved shooting range for the .50 BMG cartridge that can withstand this cartridge with approximately 15,000 joules of power without damage.

For owners of such rifles, we manufacture special cartridge cases with a reduced powder space. These reduce the performance of the cartridge to an acceptable level and can now be fired on normal shooting ranges without fear of complaints.

The notorious recoil of this caliber is also significantly reduced, so that larger series can be shot without any problems.

With the loads specified in the loading table below, scatter circles of 3cm were shot at 100m straight away. (Loading information at your own risk)

BulletPowderLoadPrimerLengthV0 m/sE0 Joule
300 grsN11049,0 grsCCI 250109,56804480
300 grsN12075,0 grsCCI 250109,57655700
450 grsN12065,5 grsCCI 2501166255700

Barnes - bullets 300 grs No: 5011010
Barnes – bullets 450 grs  No : 5011020

Shot sleeves only neck calibration!